Aahaar Kranti Mission 2023: उत्तम आहार-उत्तम विचार, आहार क्रांति मिशन

A new scheme has been started by the Central Government to help the people of the country. The name of this scheme is Aahaar Kranti Mission 2023. The scheme has been started by the Union Health and Family Welfare Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan on Wednesday. As friends you know that the corona epidemic is spreading in our country. Due to this corona, the people who have the most immunity to disease are dying the most.

Aahaar Kranti Yojana has been started to increase the immunity of such people and to provide proper nutrition to them. Friends, in this article, we will give you complete information about Aahaar Kranti Mission 2023, so you should read this article till the end.

Aahaar Kranti

What is Aahaar Kranti Mission ?

For the development of the nation, many types of work will be done under this mission, due to which the Aahaar Kranti Mission will emerge as a national organization. Under this scheme, several types of efforts will be made to increase the nutritional value of food. The main objective of the Aahaar Kranti Yojana is to provide best nutrition to the citizens at the least cost or through the commonly available fruits and vegetables.

To inform people about the nutritional elements of traditional fruits and vegetables available in our country and to inform them about its benefits. So that people do not die of hunger and lack of nutrition in the country.

Highlights of AKM

SchemeAahaar Kranti Mission 2023
Scheme TypeGovernment of India
Launched ByUnion Health and Family Welfare Minister
Dr. Harsh Vardhan
BeneficiaryCountry People
Official Website gistusa.org

Features and benefits of Aahaar Kranti Mission

  • The motto of this plan is उत्तम आहार-उत्तम विचार .
  • Vigyan Bharti and Global Indian Scientists and Technocrats Forum (GIST) are working in the lead roles under Aahaar Kranti.
  • Under this scheme, people will be motivated to increase interest in local fruits and vegetables.
  • Aahaar Kranti Yojana has been started to reduce hunger and nutritional deficiency diseases.
  • Knowledge of Ayurveda will also be used to promote traditional nutrients in the Aahaar Kranti Mission.
  • This Nutrition Revolution Mission, based on the UN’s ‘Sustainable Development Goal – 3‘, is also giving special emphasis on the sources of local nutrition.
  • Under this mission, due to lack of energy and calories, the reasons for lack of nutrition will be analyzed and their problems will be solved.
  • People who have less immunity, corona is having more effect on such people, under this mission, immunity will be increased among the people.
  • India is giving special emphasis to this mission to overcome diseases caused by nutrition and to present itself as a healthy nation.
  • Many other agencies are also involved in this. Those who have agreed to use their specialty and resources in it.
  • Many companies and institutions are also coming forward to participate in this mission.

About Aahaar Kranti Mission’s contribution to education

The aim of the government is to mobilize teachers to make this mission a success. Competitions for best recipes and designs are also being organized to conduct literary reviews on nutrition and a database containing nutrition information to educate students. For the Aadhar Revolution to succeed, every teacher in the country will have to work unitedly. In 2021, the plan is to provide one crore students with socioeconomic classes and school-boards in rural-urban parts, NGOs and Anganwadis to work together. If you also want to participate, you can join by visiting the official website.

Implementation of AKM

Education will be used to make Aahaar Kranti Mission a success. Teachers in the school will be trained under this mission and students will be given information through sports. Students can easily spread awareness in their family, society and villages under this mission. For the promotion of this AKM, the Diet Revolution newspaper will be launched monthly, in English and in local language. So that people can be informed about this mission as soon as possible. The publication of the newspaper will be done by the Department of Publicity and Publicity.

As friends you know that due to Corona, people in our country are in very bad condition. Businesses have changed in big cities. Under AKM you can do agricultural work on the land and increase productivity. Corona virus shows more effect on people who have very little immunity. Under the Aahaar Kranti scheme, people are being given nutritious food. Awareness of nutritional elements and nutrition will be spread in people so that the effect of corona can be reduced.

Diet Revolution Volunteer Registration Process

If you want to register under this scheme, then follow the steps given below:-

Step 1: First of all, you have to come to the official website of Aahaar Kranti.

Diet Revolution Volunteer Registration Process

Step 2: At the bottom you will see the option of Be a Part of Aahaar Kranti, click on it.

What is the link of Aahaar Kranti scheme to Corona

स्टेप 3: On the next page, the registration form will open in front of you. Enter the information sought in it and submit the form.

Contact Us

  • Helpline No: +1 609-000-0000


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  1. Actually a wonderful programme essential for this present pandemic scenario. As teachers we will also join this scheme to spread awareness among our students and through them to their families and make a healthy society..


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